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About Ege Tmf

Denizli is among cities with more exports than imports, and showed success in performing ratio of exports corresponding to import as 146.97% in 2014. According to export figures of Turkey Exporters Assembly, it is Turkey’s 7th largest exporters with its total exports of $ 2,523,669.21 in 2015.
Located in Aegean region, Denizli is adjacent to Afyon, Burdur, Isparta,Mugla and Usak provinces, and has an easy access to Antalya and Izmir. It has become the second largest city in the region especially with increasing industrialization and new investments. Employment areas are increased with new investments in developing textile industry, and it also maintains its place among the cities with the lowest unemployment rate in urban areas each passing day.
In recent years, starting the industrialization of Usak, Afyon and Isparta also, the city develops its importance and Denizli has become a supplier of industrial products.

Textile Production in Denizli
Covering a large part of world’s towels and bathrobes manufacturing needs, Denizli meets nearly all needs of Turkey in this area.
Turkey’s major product groups located in exporting and manufacturing home textile are bathroom and kitchen linen, bed linen, furnishing items, woven and knit robes, curtains, and bed farbela, tulle and embroidery, blankets, pillows, table with quilts and sleeping bags, blankets, bedspreads and handcrafted tapestries. The most exported home textile product group was bathroom towels and kitchen cloths in 2014. Bathroom and kitchen linen exports is equivalent to one-third of home textile exports of Turkey.
The same is true for Denizli. The vast majority of home textile companies in Denizli produces home textile, especially bed linen, towels and bathrobes. Towels and bathrobes exports correspond to approximately 65% of region’s total home textiles exports.

Textile and apparel production companies engaged in Denizli has the best technology in Turkey. The companies following constantly developing technology produce the world’s best quality and variety of products with the technology they use today. Denizli textile industrialists who managed to renew itself have been a source of pride in their fields with the point they have arrived today for the prestige of our country.

Why Denizli
Turkey’s 16th largest city, Denizli is the most developed one after Izmir in the Aegean region with a population of 978 700 people. The role of textile industry in the development degree of province is quite large. Denizli is known as one of the industry, export and trading centers in Turkey.

One of the strong aspects of Denizli textile industry is performing the production in a specific area specific to home textile sector. Turkey is the fourth largest exporting country in the world in the export of home textile products. Denizli performs about 70-80% of home textiles exports alone in Turkey. Therefore, being a town that specializes in home textiles sector which is an important branch of industry on behalf of the country’s economy, is one of the strengths of the province.

Another feature that makes Denizli textile sector strong can be the access to source of cheap raw materials. Turkey is the world’s 6th largest cotton producer with production of around 900,000 tons of cotton. In addition, a significant amount of artificial and synthetic fiber production is also performed. Denizli is one of the provinces where cotton and yarn production are densely performed. Growing cotton which is the raw material of the textile industry in the country and its high quality makes Denizli advantageous in textile industry.
The manufacturers in Denizli textile industry having experience in overseas markets is one of the strengths of Denizli. In addition, Denizli ranks 15th among the top 20 cities with the ability to make a qualified jump in exports according to surveys.
Making 75% of Turkey’s towel exports, 80% of bathrobe export and a large portion of home textile from Denizli shows that the city dominate the industry.

Continuing the success of being Turkey’s 7th biggest exporter, Denizli exports mainly in textile and apparel sectors with 2 billion 757 million dollars, which is 3 billion 112 million dollar with revised figures in total, according to official figures. Besides, Denizli, one of the leading cities in terms of regional clusters in our country, also is in a good combination with Uşak.

Aegean TMF/ Aegean Textile, Garment Machinery, Textile Chemicals and Printing Technology Exhibition
Denizli is one of the leader cities where modern textile is produced. Today, over a thousand large and small manufacturing plants are located in the city.
The majority of these facilities are closely following the latest technological developments and largely renew itself. Denizli has become one of the largest markets of many machine manufacturers with these conditions.
Also the increasing investments made in cities such as Izmir, Afyon, Usak, Aydin, Burdur in recent years, in textiles and apparel production have made Aegean region attractive.

When we consider Aegean region overall in choosing Denizli to hold Textile Machinery fair, the parameters below in the choice have come to the fore.
1. Good machinery track with the latest technology and modern textile production facilities
2. Constantly renewed and increased ongoing investments also continued purchases of machinery. It is also among the cities that make most purchases in ITMA 2015 Exhibition. )
3. The city makes linens, towels- Bathrobe production the most in the world.
4. Being among Turkey’s leader cities in textile production
5. Denizli and Izmir among the top 5 in Turkey in the apparel and garment production
6. Cardak Airport
7. Having no hotel and accommodation shortage
8. the celebration of World towels and bathrobes days in Denizli
9. Supports of Chambers and Unions for such an event
10. Businesses supports and have faith in fair
11. continuous and increasing investments in the city
12. Having experience in international fairs
13. Adjacent to the cities of textile production in the region, especially İzmir
14. With easy access by road and air

Denizli has hundreds of enterprises engaged in production of :
1. Woven
2. Knitting
3. Dyeing
4. Prints
5. Finishing (textile finishing techniques)
6. Embroidery
7. Sewing
8. Cutting and Tailoring
The vast majority of these businesses get technical and technological services from Istanbul.

The product groups below that form contents of the Fair are:
1. Textile Machinery and Spare Parts
2. Knitting Machinery and Spare Parts
3. Dyeing Machines
4. Textile Finishing Machinery
5. Digital Textile Printing Machines
6. Tube Printing Machines
7. Embroidery Machines
8. Tricot Machine
9. Hosiery Machines
10. Cotton and Fiber Preparation Machines
11. Finished Yarn and Fiber Products
12. Sewing Machines
13. Edge Cutting Machines
14. Marker Layout and Cutting Machines
15. Yarn Preparation Machine
16. Thread Winding, twisting, texturing machines
17. Nonwoven Machinery and Technology
18. Tufting and carpet weaving machine
19. Narrow Fabric Machinery
20. Cord and Rope Machine
21. Weft knitting and warp preparation machines
22. Quilting Machinery
23. Washing, bleaching, drying machines
24. Winding and Folding Machines
25. Laboratory Equipment
26. CAD-CAM-CIM Application and Automation Systems
27. Textile Printing Dyes and Chemicals
28. Spare parts and Accessories
29. Ironing Machines and Presses
30. Folding and Packaging Machinery
31. Quality Control Devices
32. Measuring Machines
33. Sewing and Embroidery Yarns
34. compressors
35. Generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies

m2 – sales
 15-50 m2 140 €
 51-100 m2 120 €
 101-250 m2 110 €
 251 m2 90 €